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Penny Stocks

Penny Stocks – Definition, Advantages and Disadvantages

Finance - devadmin - February 2, 2024

What are penny stocks? Penny stocks refer to shares of small publicly traded companies listed on stock exchanges, typically priced at less than Rs. 30. These stocks, characterized by their low liquidity, pose inherent risks for investors. Despite the potential for acquiring them at a low cost, selling them may…

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Blue Chip

Top Blue Chip Stocks in India: Invest in Stable and Profitable Stocks

Investing - devadmin - June 16, 2023

When it comes to investing in the stock market, blue-chip stocks are highly sought after by investors. These stocks belong to well-established companies that have consistently demonstrated revenue growth and profitability over the years, making them relatively stable even in uncertain market conditions. In this blog, we have compiled a…

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